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did test fire a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile. defense officials tell fox news they were expecting that launch. we will get much more from our pentagon correspondent, jennifer give in, in a few minutes. more signs of tension in the crimea. a russian soldier firld his gun in the air to hold back angry ukrainian troops. that situation ended with no violence at all. in fact, most of the russian occupation had been peaceful. ikely because the majority of the people in the crimea identifies russia and 80% people speak russian as their first language. but outside of the cripple yeah a -- crimea and kiev, people have given their blood and sometimes lives to cut ties with the ruler. we saw fighting play out here. the square is filled with memories of the protesters that died. we saw flowers along with pictures of the dead. the burned-out square is still littered in all areas with signs of that chaos that happened here. the sunset is about to nasa half our in independence square in kiev. there are flowers by the millions. the tires we all saw burning last week, as the pr
the protesters. now the question in washington, how do you respond to vladimir putin? our secretary of defense gave a warning to russia today like sort of cold war style. it is unclear whether putin is listening. a top russianing new agency says the ukrainian president is staying in a kremlin guesthouse and still considers himself the president and plans a news conference tomorrow. he scened from ukraine during protests. ukraine is smith between a pro-east and a pro-west. the future of the ukrainian people is hanging in the balance. and putin ising ignoring calls from the west to stand down. putin is pushing his tough-guy image these days, made famous in these shirtless pictures. he has ordered war games along russia's western border right where it meets ukraine and making sure the world sees him flexing his military muscles. releasing this ridow of fighter jets training. secretary of state john kerry says putin claims the drills have nothing to do with ukraine. secretary kerry says he is asking the russians to let ukrainian make their own doeses. >> i talked to the foreign minister and we tal
the ports. and today, they took over two strategic defense areas, defense missile systems. it appears now they control just about everything. well, overnight, united states time, my crew and i flew down to crimea to get a look on the ground and we'll begin where we landed. we arrived at the airport midday. and everything seemed pretty normal. nobody bothering you, nobody asking questions, nobody staring you down in any strange way. the weather much better here than in the north. and then, over here at this gate that leads out of the airport, a man who professes to be a local from simferopol who is volunteering, with volunteer equipment, things that belong to himself, but one difference you might notice here, see the brand-new scotch tape on the fence post here holding up what is a brand-new russian flag. the changes are subtle. they are not in any way oppressive. but they're here. >> i saw the victims for the first time in my life and i was scared. >> she grew up here. last week when the russians arrived, she was frightened. >> i thought that it was the beginning of maybe war and an expec
the former defense secretary william cohen. he also served in congress during much of the cold war. secretary cohen, how serious is this situation? the development of it so far? >> well, the situation in ukraine is quite serious, because you have this great divide ideological divide within the country itself. the russians at this point appear to be engaged in some chest pounding. and i think they must take care. the united states is kind of warning them not to go to a cold war mentality. but that warning has to be with some caution as well. we don't want to give the implication to the ukranian people we're about to commit military forces to the region. and i think the signal to the russians has to be, you just invested 50 or $60 billion in building some goodwill. that will dissipate immediately. you don't have to use your military. you certainly have controls over the economy of ukraine, gas, loans, credits. so you can flex muscle but do it in a way that tries to hold the country together. i think that's the message the united states and the e.u. has to send. let's say let's work with russia
the developments in ukraine. the russians appear to have ignored the warning issued by defense secretary chuck hagel yesterday. as soon as the olympics ended last weekend, russian president vladimir putin called snap military exercises on ukraine's border. he did not have to send troops into crimea. he already had troops at the russian naval base. the troops who have taken over the two airports in crimea may have come from that russian naval base. in other words, putin didn't have to send troops into ukraine. they were already there. >> but they didn't have permission to go to the airport. they're supposed to stay on their base. >> that's correct. >> news from the future, this is ugly. thank you very much. we'll monitor things at the pentagon with jennifer's house. this is serious. >>> here at home, u.s. marshals captured a child sex offender who escaped from a halfway house in denver. officials found this 51-year-old, eric hartwell, at a motel six, where they left the light on for him, in norfolk, virginia. 1800 miles from denver where he disappear last week. investigators say hartwell someho
legitimate concerns of russian speaking people. people's brigade for self-defense has been establish who'd had already to curb attempts for forcible take over administrative building in crimea and bringing weapons and ammunition on to the peninsula. we had information on preparation of new provocative acts through the russian black sea float in ukraine in these situations, the authorities of the republic have asked the presidents of russia to restore calm in crimean it's completely legitimate under russian law, and given the extraordinary situation in ukraine, this threat and the threat to our come -- compatriots, prognosis citizens and the black sea fleet. because of this the president of russia went to the federation asking for the you of armed forces and -- on the first of march, the council of the federation supported this appeal, which we hope will cut off the radicals, and i repeat, we're talking about defending our citizens and ourght, the ri. madam president, today i am also authorized to say the following. the president has received 0 -- of russia has received the following from
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6